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Looking for the opportunity to upskill but don't know where to start? These Role Based Certifications will teach you real world skills through self-paced, modular on-demand courses which includes hands-on labs through virtual environments and practical demos leading to a final capstone project.

Select what track interests you from these readily available tracks and begin your journey today

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Track

Create next level software solutions capable of showing human-like levels of language, speech and understanding.

This track will help students become AI Engineers by mastering algorithms, neural networks and deep learning methods.


DevOps Track

In a constantly changing world, companies can keep up through developing an agile workflow and delivery process.

Through continous integration and automated deployments, students will learn the skills necessary to deliver apps services in a fast-paced work environment.


Cybersecurity Track

Protect yourself, others or your organization from digital attacks to systems, networks and programs.

When businesses are on a constant threat from cyber attacks, Highly skilled individuals help minimize these threats.

Artificial Intelligence Track

11 Required Courses | 12 - 48 Hours per Course | 11 Skills to Learn

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Introduction to Python for Data Science

Essential Math for Machine Learning: Python Edition

Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics

Data Science Research Methods:
Python Edition

Principles of Machine Learning:
Python Edition

Deep Learning Explained

Reinforcement Learning Explained

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Speech Recognition Systems

Computer Vision and Image Analysis

DevOps Track

9 Required Courses | 8 - 16 Hours Per Course | 6 skills to learn

DevOps Practices and Principles

Infrastructure as Code

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Configuration Management for Containerized Delivery

DevOps Testing

DevOps for Databases

Application Monitoring and Feedback Loops

DevOps for Mobile Apps

Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications

Cyber Security Track

9 Required Courses | 8 - 12 Hours Per Course | 9 skills to learn

Enterprise Security Fundamental

Threat Detection: Planning for a Secure Enterprise

Planning a Security Incident Response

Powershell Security Best Practices

Managing Identity

Securing Data in Azure and SQL Server

Microsoft SharePoint 2016: Authentication and Security

Windows 10 Security Features

Windows Server 2016 Security Features

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