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penetration testing

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Penetration Testing

Pentest helps identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they become costly breaches. Focus on core business activities while our experts handle your security assessment
penetration testing

Unmask hidden vulnerabilities before they become security breaches

penetration testing

Safeguard your sensitive data and critical systems from cyberattacks

penetration testing

Gain the insight and control needed to build a robust security posture

How it works

Digiserve VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing) Service provides visibility to your system vulnerability that is exploitable by hackers, where and how it can be exploited. This way you can continuously improve your asset’s security
penetration testing


We gather your requirement
penetration testing

Penetration Testing

We scan vulnerabilities then run the exploits
penetration testing

Initial Report

We analyze the findings, rate the risk and prioritize, then provide recommendation
penetration testing

Remediation Phase

Provide time for our user to fix the finding
penetration testing

Final Report

We deliver the final report once we finished the retest on the initial findings

Security Services

Tired of feeling like your network security is a guessing game?
Digiserve goes beyond basic protection. We offer a team of elite security consultants who become an extension of your team, crafting a custom-built security strategy to safeguard your most critical assets.
Digital Risk Protection
Digital Risk Protection (DRP)

Identifying, monitoring, and safeguarding information and digital assets from security threats and risks in the digital environment

Security Operations Center
Security Operation Center (SOC)

Comprehensive range of services, secure log storage, monitoring of security event with correlation and classification with customer notification

endpoint protection
Endpoint Protection

Continuously protects your business from malicious activity through automated investigation and remediation and automatic attack disruption

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About us

PT Digital Aplikasi Solusi or Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia is an IT company that engaged in ICT Managed Solutions and was established in 2014. After being wholly owned by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) through TelkomMetra in September 2021, Digiserve is increasingly supported in developing the best services with confidence to strengthen your business in achieving better results. Digiserve will do this with its integrated Managed Solutions, leveraging its extensive network reach, world-class capabilities, and local expertise. 


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