Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Digiserve MNS SD-WAN

MNS SD-WAN is a new and transformational way in managing WAN more efficient from architect, deploy, and operate organization network. Through SDWAN customer can; cut complexity by centrally manage WAN devices through Digiserve Infinity Portal and one point of contact, connect Head office, branches, and cloud with various link connection option (MPLS, Internet, LTE), Excellent connection availability through backup link from public link just like private network and many more.

Digiserve Managed Service provides an end to end managed services that includes presales support, commissioning, 24/7 proactive monitoring and incident management, reporting, and service change management.

Digiserve SDWAN Managed Service

Digiserve Infinity Portal

Seamless Experience

Our portal allow customer to monitor, request change, and manage their whole network through a single monitor, infinity portal

Use Case : Network Complexity

  • Enterprise used multiple type of network on their branch, difficult to monitor
  • Managing devices in policy and configuration of thousands of devices at branches is difficult
  • Deploying devices to a lot of branches is costly and time consuming
  • High visibility in monitoring of multiple network type
  • Centralized Management
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Monitor all your network with ease
  • Manage policy and configuration and access controller from anywherof all device through one centralized tools
  • Fast deployment

Use Case : Brand Agnostic and Load Sharing

  • Enterprise often used 2 WAN/ internet of different provider and set up as main WAN and back up. Which the back up very much idle all the time.
  • SD-WAN can used as load balancer of multiple WAN and utilize the backup WAN from different provider or different carriage link.
  • Optimise and utilise a back up and standby WAN
  • Cost cutting, no need upgrade Bandwidth on a main WAN

Use Case : Link Path Controller for Specific Application

  • Some Enterprise want to optimize their VPNIP bandwidth by re-routing some of application (e.g: email and voice)
  • Change internet link into VPNIP-like (secure and private) by creating VPN IPSec Tunnel
  • Enterprise can move any MPLS VPNIP traffic easily to Internet
  • Optimize MPLS VPNIP Bandwidth
  • Having an internet link that feels like MPLS VPNIP
  • Crucial application will have faster access time




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