Company's Policies

1) Gratification Policy

Digiserve always uphold principles of integrity and ethics in every aspect of our business. The Gratuity Policy is in place to ensure that decisions and interactions within the company are made without any unethical influence. Digiserve strictly prohibit the acceptance and giving of gratuities to anyone that could influence decision-making processes. Employees, business partners, and all relevant parties are expected to adhere to this policy to create a work environment free from corrupt practices. With this transparency, we aim to build trust and maintain the company’s reputation.

Gratification Policy

2) Whistleblower Policy

Digiserve values the crucial role of whistleblowers in creating a workplace free from violations, abuse, and unethical behavior. The Whistleblower Policy is a manifestation of our commitment to transparency and fairness. We encourage every member of the company, including employees, business partners, and other relevant parties, to report allegations of violations or unethical behavior through the designated channels. Full protection will be provided to the whistleblower, and their identity will be kept confidential in accordance with applicable laws and internal policies. With this policy in place, we aim to create an environment where every individual feels secure in reporting non-compliance without fear of reprisal or discrimination. Together, we can uphold the company’s integrity and build an organizational culture grounded in ethical values.

Whistleblower Policy

3) Good Corporate Governance Policy

Digiserve takes significant steps to ensure that every operational aspect and decision-making adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance. Our Corporate Governance Policy forms a robust foundation that supports integrity, transparency, and fairness in every step of our business journey. Through this policy, we establish key governance principles, including accountability, responsibility, and fairness. We recognize the importance of involving all stakeholders, from employees to shareholders, in strategic decision-making. We periodically evaluate and update this policy in line with the latest developments in corporate governance practices. With our commitment to sound governance principles, we believe that we can maintain stakeholder trust and ensure the long-term success of the company.

Good Corporate Governance Policy

4) BOD Charter

The Board of Directors (BOD) Charter serves as the foundational guide shaping the decisions and actions of our company’s Board of Directors. This document reflects our commitment to sound corporate governance practices, transparency, and the pursuit of excellent performance. Within this Charter, the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are clearly outlined, covering aspects such as management oversight, and performance evaluation. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of integrity, ethics, and compliance with regulations in every decision made. With the existence of this Board of Directors Charter, we aim to create a resilient and integrity-driven leadership environment. We believe that through the application of these principles, our Board of Directors can effectively fulfill their duties, add value to the company, and steer the organization toward long-term success.

BOD Charter

5) BOC Charter

The Board of Commissioners (BOC) Charter serves as an integral guide shaping the actions and decisions of our company’s Board of Commissioners. This document reflects our determination to implement solid, transparent corporate governance focused on achieving excellence. Within this Charter, the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners are clearly outlined, covering strategic oversight, performance evaluation, and policies related to conflicts of interest. We emphasize the importance of integrity, ethics, and compliance with regulations in every decision-making step. With the existence of this Board of Commissioners Charter, we are committed to creating an environment where the Board of Commissioners can effectively carry out its supervisory functions, contribute to the company’s long-term success, and promote ethical business practices.

BOC Charter

6) Code of Conduct Policy

Company Code of Conduct Policy, a strong commitment to create a workplace culture based on integrity, responsibility, and professionalism. This Code of Conduct reflects our core company values and sets high standards for every interaction and decision. Within this Policy, we establish key principles such as honesty, transparency, and fairness in every action taken by employees, business partners, and stakeholders. We also emphasize the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest, ensuring fair treatment, and respecting human rights in every aspect of our business. With the existence of this Company Code of Conduct, we strive to ensure that every individual involved with the company, both internally and externally, understands and applies high ethical principles. Together, we can create a positive, ethical work environment that contributes to the sustainable growth of the company.

Code of Conduct Policy