Governance Practices

  1. GCG Code

    We believe that good corporate governance (GCG) is essential in achieving success and sustainability for a company and it stems from, among other things, strong internal controls and high ethical standards.

    Digiserve is committed to the consistent implementation of GCG to provide optimal service to our customers. The main objective of sound corporate governance is to contribute in the improvement of the company's performance and accountability in creating long-term shareholder’s value. Also to ensure that the operations and management of the company are carried out in a professional, efficient, professional, focused, ethical and responsible manner. An important element is also to ensure implementation and compliance with corporate processes and governance.

    To implement Good Corporate Governance in Digiserve, we ensure all of our staffs are aware and inform with key policies that support the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, as follows:

    Good Corporate Governance Policy

    Annual Report

  2. Ethics Code

    The company strives to be an honest company and a role model by running a healthy, strong and fair business that is driven by commendable values and obeys the law and respects all stakeholders.

    Running or managing the company's business by taking into account the principles of business ethics and applicable laws and regulations.

    Implement the principles of good corporate governance and care for society, culture and the environment.

    Actions that are against the law and violating ethics are prohibited actions, even if for business reasons or because of pressure from any party.

    The company protects any whistleblower who provides information related to legal violations, unethical events or other actions that violate the principles of good corporate governance.

    Policy that being used as a baseline to implement ethics code in Digiserve as follows:

    Code of Conduct Policy

  3. Ethical Behaviour Framework

    Our Ethical Behaviour framework requires all staff and contractors to accept responsibility for maintaining and enhancing Digiserve’s reputation for integrity and fairness in its business dealings. The framework is intended to assist, staff, contractors, suppliers and any other third party acting on behalf of Digiserve to understand where issues might arise and to support them in making the right decisions in line with our values and corporate position.

    We are committed to maintaining a culture in which fraud, bribery and criminal conduct is an integral part of the prevention activities. Digiserve recognises that an effective approach to controlling fraud and criminal conduct is through the establishment of a sustainable risk management framework and implementing key related policies.

    Digiserve’s Board of Directors is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and integrity and have endorsed the Fraud, Criminal Conduct, and Anti-Corruption Policy which reflects Digiserve’s Board of Directors vision to embed a culture of best practice.

    We take a zero-tolerance approach to Fraud, Criminal Conduct, and corruption and we are committed to ensuring all Staff, Managers, Contractors and Suppliers understand their responsibilities in observing and upholding our stance on fraud and corruption.

    Digiserve’s Board of Directors have also endorse the Conflict of interest Policy and respect that all staff have personal interests and activities outside of their work environment. However, all employees must take precaution to avoid actual, potential or apparent conflict of interests.

    There are some policies that all employees should aware of and understand in order to implement ethical behavior in daily basis, as follows:

    Conflicts of Interest and Outside Activities Policy

    Gifts, Prizes and Hospitality Policy

    Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

    Whistleblower Policy

  4. Procurement

    To realize GCG practices, procurement management within the scope of the Company has taken into account the following provisions:

    Prioritizing the use of Telkom Group resources as partners in meeting the needs for procurement of goods/services before appointing external parties while still referring to applicable regulations as an effort to build Telkom Group synergy.

    Implementation of the Personal Data Security Policy to suppliers as appropriate, especially if the procurement is part of the products or services sold by the Company to customers.

    Procurement process is based on the principle of budgetary discipline.

    Policy that being used as a baseline and procurement framework in Digiserve as follows:

    Procurement Policy