The Catalyst of Indonesia’s Digital Transformation Agenda: 6 Years of Telkomtelstra

Fri 06 November 2020, telkomtelstra
6th anniversary

October 2020 marks the 6-year establishment and operation of Telkomtelstra in Indonesia. 6 years is not a long period of time, but definitely not a short one. Ever since the beginning, Telkomtelstra has always strived towards our vision to unlock the potential value of our customers, where we pour down our hearts and souls into making it a reality.

Started with “only” Manage Network Services in the product portfolio and 20+ employees, in the last 6 years, Telkomtelstra has witnessed growth beyond expectations. Telkomtelstra has become one of the country’s leading catalyst for innovation with products ranging from Cloud solutions and infrastructure to advanced network technology and security. Further, nearly 200 personnels are now employed, including highly qualified and certified tech engineers.

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Telkomtelstra understands that Indonesian enterprises and institutions have an ambitious plan to accelerate its digital transformation. We have the utmost commitment to help our customers with our high-quality services that stand the test of modern business challenges. To enhance innovation and productivity, we incorporate our core services with customer excellence to view customer challenges from multiple angles and provide the best services to leverage their technology ability.

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With the strength of our solutions powered by various leading global technology partners, Telkomtelstra has delivered a number of accomplishments in a series of notable big projects aimed at implementing an advanced network for the enterprise, building cloud infrastructure, improving the latest security posture, digitising business processes and keeping up with the Industry 4.0 digital transformation initiative in Indonesia. Those achievements have demonstrated the outstanding quality that Telkomtelstra delivers to customers and businesses in Indonesia.

On our way to success, we came across many customers from various industries that had a similar vision of having expertise and practical technology support to accomplish the digital transformation. To all those customers, we are thankful for your support in trusting us for over 6 years.

On a bigger “transformation” scale, Telkomtelstra has successfully promoted diversity and inclusivity for all our employees for many years with the Pledge for Parity program. This program was launched in 2016 to motivate individual employees and Telkomtelstra to take concrete steps in supporting gender equality in the workplace. As a result, we have currently exceeded our target of having 30% of women in the company, with 34% of our current employees being women. We are also improving significantly in having women hold key leadership positions to remove the stigma that the technology field was not considered a “territory” for women.

telkomtelstra youth takeover
telkomtelstra youth takeover

Telkomtelstra has also embraced many internal activities for our youth employees, the forefront of Indonesia digital transformation, such as youth hackathon, youth takeover, and the youth council. Despite the difference in those activities’ format, our youth engagement program has successfully built the working environment where our young talents’ voices are being “heard,” and their professional knowledge development is one of the company’s highest priority.


As a footprint of Indonesia and Australia collaboration through a joint venture between Telkom and Telstra, Telkomtelstra, in our 6th anniversary, is proud to become a leading technology solution in Indonesia and build diverse and inclusive Indonesia talent to support our industry’s growth.