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Thu 01 August 2019, telkomtelstra

SD-WAN, the best option for enterprise when it comes to branch connectivity

Businesses today face constant pressure to keep up with the demand that goes with the digital age. For many, they must undergo a digital transformation to stay relevant and competitive. Continuous innovation, agility, and the latest technology offerings are critical to support business operations effectively and improve services to customers.

For large companies with branches spread across various regions in Indonesia, it is no longer efficient to rely on traditional wide area network (WAN) technology to connect those sites with each other and their data centers and headquarters. Traditional WAN deployments use devices with their own complexity and costs that require control, configuration, and management at each branch location.

SD-WAN provides the ability to optimize the network by using the type of connectivity most suitable for the applications being used and where those platforms reside. Furthermore, in a world increasingly concerned with cyber threats, SD-WAN provides an additional layer of security through encryption and micro-segmentation.

What’s the solution?

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