Key to a Flexible Private Cloud Platform

Sun 21 July 2019, telkomtelstra 2

Five Simple Reasons why Converged Private Cloud Could be Right for Your Enterprise IT Department

The Cloud Indonesia has been waiting for is here.

When it comes to Private Cloud infrastructure in Indonesia the name of the game is business growth. Customers today have to manage a large number of different applications across many Clouds like internal operational systems, sales systems, pricing, just to name a few. If your current infrastructure platform is not helping your business grow, lower risk and cost at the same time, maybe it is time to look at a solution that is future ready Private Cloud from an accredited Cloud provider.

Private Cloud, powered by converged infrastructure, uses preconfigured and integrated racks that have entirely predictable power, cooling and geometry needs. VBlocks are one such example and are a result of a dynamic joint venture between Cisco for computing, EMC for storage and VMware for virtualization. The system has been around for a few years now but is new to the Indonesian market. This solution addresses a number of traditional challenges inherent in data centre planning and operation.

Combined with Managed Cloud Services, IT departments can quickly deploy future-proof, modular architecture – as well as significantly optimise their productivity along the way by changing the way they work together. If your IT teams face too much variability, too many adapters and configurations that have not been properly tested, then you know that one of the most significant challenges you face are the silos that exist in your IT department.

This is what makes converged infrastructure so innovative: it addresses both the technology barrier to a more agile cloud and the human barrier to greater productivity. What is more, end-to-end visibility and control are in your hand with a single point of expertise for sales, service and support.

Imagine how much more agile your team would be if they weren’t building a stack under each app, project by project, and then debating how to lay it out? If they had a reference architecture that was certified? If you could procure and be under hardware warranty as a unit across server / network / storage? Now imagine you had all of that and a turnkey cloud management partner to go with it.

With that in mind, here are five simple reasons why a converged Private Cloud infrastructure Solution may be exactly what your business has been looking for:

  1. It’s cost effective: This one is simple – save your growing business IT costs due to a relatively low total cost of ownership. By converting CAPEX budget to OPEX your business can respond to market changes with a corresponding increase / decrease in cloud capacity, instead of standing at the sidelines debating what hardware to invest in when opportunity is knocking.
  2. It’s flexible: Networking solutions, colocation options and a range of virtual server options, allow you to house dedicated resources on site or in global data centres. This is especially important in Indonesia where data centres face changing regulatory conditions industry to industry.
  3. It’s future proof: Utilising Managed Network Solution, you can bridge hybrid cloud deployments between your Private Cloud and Public Cloud providers. With a Managed Private Cloud Service you can mitigate requirements for extra capacity in the cloud and your privacy and compliance needs on site.
  4. It allows for a single point of expertise: Having multiple vendors is always a headache when things go wrong but even worse – incredibly limiting when looking to expand or reduce your cloud capacity needs. With a Managed Private Cloud solution you can vastly simplify your operations by having a single, dedicated expert for sales, service and support.
  5. It’s predictable: The difference between infrastructure that has been cobbled together from different sources and one that has been tried and tested by Cisco, EMC and VMware is night and day. Performance is measurably faster and more reliable because it was all designed to go together in the first place.

If your IT department is willing to step out of their silos and embrace a new way of working together: hyper-standardize, virtualize as much as possible and automate, automate, automate, it will allow them to simplify and accelerate huge amounts of your enterprise IT. With the IT department firing on all cylinders you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.