Advantages of a Cloud Contact Center in the Health Industry

Mon 23 May 2022, telkomtelstra

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of daily life, including how the public obtain health services. Before the pandemic, patients usually went to the nearest clinic or hospital for consultations regarding their health. However, now patients are more cautious to leave the house because of concerns of exposure to viruses.

The pandemic has finally forced a digitalization in all aspects of society. Technological progress has made it possible to provide health services which increase the comfort of the patient experience. Utilization of Omnichannel solutions puts health service providers in a better position to fulfil their patients’ needs.

Omnichannel is a service which uses various channels to make a corporate strategy or service provider increase client satisfaction, sales and other requirements. Omnichannel is an integration method between clients and companies or service providers.

There are several reasons behind the need for an Omnichannel platform for health services. Firstly, clients expect to be able to access services through a wider variety of channels, not only through voice, but also through text, such as e-mail, chat, and even social media.

Secondly, in times of pandemic such as this, clients expect to be able to access services online through video call, so that face to face meeting is not required. Thirdly, clients expect a fast and responsive service from health providers.

As a result, for businesses to be able to adapt quickly, Omnichannel communication has become a requirement. Integrated communication is a solution to fulfil customer needs.

This communication platform has several advantages for health service providers, such as increasing awareness towards brand products and campaigns, as well as enabling a business to offer their clients a different experience of customer-business interaction, compared to their competitors.

Digiserve provides a communications solution with a variety of features to facilitate internal and external communication. The Omnichannel platform is a trusted one-stop-solution, because it offers a flexible service to meet the business needs of companies from SME through to Enterprise.

The solution from Digiserve changes customer communication from something limited and unmeasurable, requiring many channels, into communication which is comprehensive, unlimited, includes personalized content and is automatically implemented through a single channel.

Based on the IDC survey on customer experience in Indonesia, 90% of companies in Indonesia will prioritize customer experience programs for the next 2 years, and 86% of companies will prioritize digitalization in the customer experience, hoping to develop this digital customer experience based on behavior change and competition between companies.

The two most interesting solutions based on the current trend are online and digital platforms as tools to interact and offer experience to the market, and secondly, customer services with Omnichannel becoming an important axis to integrate all communication channels as a business solution.

Digitalization in the health field has growth potential in 3 main health service segments. First, e-pharmacy, where the total income from this sector was US$ 6 billion in 2020, and is projected to grow 10% through digitalization.

The second segment is online consultation and appointment reservation, which in 2020 amounted to 61 million patients utilizing virtual communication media. Meanwhile, the third segment is healthcare IT solutions, where hospitals, clinics and pharmacies want their own digital health solution, so that patient data can be integrated to facilitate data access and management, as well as accessing patient medical records.

Research by Frost & Sullivan shows there are three digital healthcare trends which have the opportunity to change health services in Indonesia. The first is teleconsultation, which has been applied to 86% of hospitals. The second trend is a Hospital Information System (HIS), which can help hospital management efficiency to achieve more than 85% effectiveness.

Finally, the third trend is online drug delivery, where hospitals provide a medicine delivery service online. The effectiveness of this service platform has already achieved 80 percent.

According to the Frost & Sullivan research data, the potential digital ecosystem in the health field is continuing to grow rapidly in Indonesia. Digital healthcare sector income is projected to increase from US$ 63.5 million in 2017 to US$ 726 million in 2022, with a growth rate of 62.8% per annum.

By using the Omnichannel solution from Digiserve, interaction between company and clients can be undertaken two-way, in real time, anywhere, anytime, and through a variety of channels. All channels can be controlled easily from one dashboard, complete with various features to facilitate communication with customers.

The media which can be used by the company to communicate with clients includes WhatsApp, webchat, e-mail, cloud contact center, Telegram, Twitter, Chat, Line, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Digiserve has a cloud-based Cloud Contact Center solution, using local hosting at Digiserve’s own data center. Because it is cloud-based, the deployment of this solution is relatively quick. What is more, clients do not need to invest in devices or infrastructure, while agents can implement flexible working, because they can work from anywhere, using any device, so long as there is an internet connection.

Digiserve’s Cloud Contact Center Solution can be combined with other solutions to provide several channels of communication, such as voice calls, webchat, e-mail, or other social media channels. Voice calls will be directed to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and then progressed to the appropriate agents to resolve the customer’s issue.

Using the Omnichannel solution, if the required agents are busy serving other customers, then the voice calls from customers unable to connect will be directed through chat to accept and resolve customer issues through other channels, such as WhatsApp.

The all-in-one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system using Omnichannel solutions makes two-way communication possible, and can be integrated with various communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line and, of course, the contact center platform. With this all-in-one CRM system, agents only need one dashboard to handle many communication channels, without needing to switch platforms.

The Omnichannel Solution also provides automatically scheduled notifications, also known as push notifications. This feature can handle health insurance claims, health insurance billing reminders, routine checkup reminders and medicine delivery notification.

In addition, an Omnichannel solution can also help connect customers to the most appropriate team. Customers are handled by a team specializing in their queries so that queries can be answered accurately. Even if it is necessary to switch divisions according to the customer’s situation, they will not know, because the chat history will also be moved across.

Using the Omnichannel solution will support health service providers to develop in these pandemic times. Compared to struggling with customer questions, the Omnichannel solution can help to gain many benefits. Now is the time to choose Omnichannel solutions to fit your health service provider needs, through a Cloud Contact Center solution from Digiserve.