Asia Pacific Stevie Awards 2021: Telkomtelstra Took Home The Gold For Technology Innovation in Customer Service

Thu 19 August 2021, telkomtelstra

Telkomtelstra’s commitment to providing benefits and simplifying access for community activities using its technological solutions, both for businesses and to address various social issues, has received great appreciation in the Asia Pacific region.

This is evident when the Company received the Gold Winner award at the prestigious 2021 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards ceremony for the ‘Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service (Non-Profit)’ category. For its case study, Telkomtelstra used its technological solutions to upgrade the contact center at the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Technological Engagement to Address Social Issues – Cloud Contact Center for Komnas Perempuan).

The Asia Pacific Stevie Awards is an international business competition held by the Stevie Awards, which is based in the United States. The awards are open to 29 countries in the Asia Pacific region, with over 1,000 innovation nominees participating and more than 100 Asia Pacific executives involved in the judging process.

This year, several large companies participated in the event, and together with the other 38 companies in Telkom Group, Telkomtelstra have received an award for the 2021 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards. Telkom was named the Most Honored Organization of the Year for 2021 and the Highest-rated Nomination of The Year from Indonesia in 2021, taking home 15 Gold Winner (1st place), 16 Silver Winner (2nd place), and 8 Bronze Winner (3rd place) awards.

The Stevie Awards Committee judged business innovation, taking into account the concept of the innovation, the development process, the innovation’s success, and its impact on the company/community. Therefore, all innovations that were granted awards during the event are proven to have been successfully implemented and to have had a significant impact on the company’s business.

This reflects Telkomtelstra’s commitment to delivering its technological solution services to strengthen its client’s businesses, including communities and nonprofit organizations, to achieve better results and increase their positive impact on the community.

Based on its strong commitment, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in collaboration with ipSCAPE, Telkomtelstra offers technological solutions to several nonprofit organizations, including Komnas Perempuan, to handle reports and resolve various issues at the commission.  

Telkomtelstra team have monitored Komnas Perempuan’s call center, which is still operated manually via telephone for all public service purposes. The nonprofit organization also had no dedicated line to report cases, despite receiving a large number of reports from victims of violence, analyzing them, and presenting solutions or recommendations to partners to resolve the reported cases.

This meant that Komnas Perempuan was not able to serve the community to the best of its ability, with issues including long call queues and missed calls. Furthermore, the manual paper-based documentation of case reports was prone to errors in terms of data and analysis due to human error.

As a nonprofit organization that focuses on addressing domestic violence, physical violence, and gender-based discrimination, Komnas Perempuan is expected to be able to effectively address these social issues as some of the biggest issues faced by Indonesian women.

In addition to HR capabilities, technological tools were also required to support their performance. for example, in receiving case reports from victims of violence. A contact center with dedicated line will simplify access for case analysis and to provide solutions or recommendations to partners to resolve reported cases.

With its integrated managed solution facilities, Telkomtelstra has been implementing a cloud contact center at Komnas Perempuan since 2019. Telkomtelstra is committed to delivering all services to strengthen the operational capacity of the nonprofit organization by utilizing its wide network coverage, world-class capabilities, and local expertise.

The support is ongoing. In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, Telkomtelstra again supported Komnas Perempuan with a cloud contact center solution. The solution can be integrated with any device, allowing Komnas Perempuan workers to conduct and monitor operations remotely, as if they were in the office. The operational model promotes the health and safety of Komnas Perempuan workers while assisting to victims of violence, which has been increasing over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coordinator of the Complaint Referral Unit who oversees Komnas Perempuan volunteers also acknowledged the difficulties faced in providing services during the pandemic. Thus, with Telkomtelstra’s solution, they are able to support and more closely monitor victims of violence. The solution also allows staff members and volunteers to handle incoming calls more effectively so that they can spend more time with victims resolving issues and making significant progress on the victim’s cases.

Telkomtelstra’s initiative to provide Komnas Perempuan with a cloud-based contact center solution has received recognition from international United Nations (UN) bodies based in New York (the UN General Assembly and Security Council), as well as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva, the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).

Moreover, the implementation of a cloud contact center at Komnas Perempuan has helped to make their daily operations far more efficient and effective, and encouraged digital innovation. This can be seen in the significant difference in operations before and after the adoption of the cloud contact center.

  • By using IVR and ipSCAPE cloud contact center platforms the number of calls and response rate was able to be increased from one line to four lines, and could be increased further to ten lines.
  • The use of a call database can reduce human errors in recording telephone numbers to be called back.
  • By using voice recording the performance of volunteers can be monitored.
  • There was a more than 50% increase in the number of cases of violence against women reported via telephone in 2019.
  • Training, capacity building, and periodic reviews have increased Komnas Perempuan staff and volunteers’ literacy and ability to adapt to new technologies.
  • Operational sustainability features enable Komnas Perempuan staff and volunteers to work entirely from home, allowing them to continue to receive reports while significantly reducing the risk of COVID-19.

The successful implementation of its cloud contact center at Komnas Perempuan has encouraged Telkomtelstra to apply similar technological solutions in several other nonprofit organizations in Indonesia, including the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM). With the appropriate technology, Telkomtelstra can have a positive impact on the community, thereby accelerating the resolution of various other social issues.