Case Studies

Digiserve Case Study: Clipan Finance Indonesia – Managed Network Services

Tue 07 January 2020, digiserve

Clipan Finance is well known for helping Indonesians find the best deals on financing and insuring used and new cars, and heavy equipment, serving both individual and commercial customers. With over sixty branch offices throughout Indonesia, thousands of staff, showrooms and heavy equipment distributors, Clipan Finance needs a reliable network to support day to day business.

Keeping their network up and running is Digiserve utmost priority as it supports all of Clipan Finance business operations. Having a reliable network and the Infinity Portal to always monitor the network, 24 hours a day, in real time, is very important for Clipan Finance’s business continuity. Clipan Finance had difficulty knowing, in real time, the connection status of network branches.

With Digiserve services, Clipan Finance feels it’s a real positive for us that they alert us quickly if any part of our network is down. Digiserve provides excellent support and advice to Clipan Finance. Managed Network Services from Digiserve provides Clipan Finance with the confidence to focus on serving their customers. Proactive calls make network incidents faster to detect so they can be quickly and appropriately handled by professionals from Digiserve. “We reduce our time. We reduced the time it used to take our team to fix a network that was down, and now resolutions are faster, so we can conclude that by reducing time we’ve lowered our costs.” said Yanni Senior Manager Clipan Finance.

Digiserve’s MNS has had a positive effect for Clipan. They can now monitor network connectivity across all of our branches in real time so that when their customers come to a branch office to pay for insurance, pickup BPKB or even to make financing payments, they can serve them quickly. Why? Because Clipan Finance confident the network is up and running and data from the head office is accurately updating their branch offices. Find out more about Digiserve Managed Network Services!