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Digiserve Cloud Solution Empower Government Institution to Accelerated Innovation and Ensure Data Sovereignty for Digital Transformation

Fri 29 January 2021, digiserve

Through the Azure Stack solution, Digiserve supports its customers from Government institutions to improve service quality to the public and ensure data sovereignty.

Over the past few years, Indonesian Government has expressed a high commitment to utilize digital technology to improve the quality of public services for Indonesian citizens. If the adoption of digital technology is implemented appropriately, the government will not only be able to provide faster services but also be able to make efficiency in the expenditure budget strategy.

Towards digital transformation, cloud solutions have been considered as part of the main strategy of many Government institutions.

One of Digiserve’s customers is a Government institution established by the Ministry of Finance with a focus on micro-business empowerment. This government institution realizes the benefits of using the cloud to achieve agility and flexibility. Furthermore, cloud implementation can provide efficiency for a financing structure that allows cost efficiency as well as increased security.

Although cloud has many abilities that are proven to be beneficial in supporting digital transformation, many Government institutions express concern in migrating to cloud over the complexity of its system and infrastructure legacy. Moreover, all Government institutions must comply with the data sovereignty requirement to protect sensitive public data, while ensuring the consistent effectiveness of public services.

Enabling Digital Transformation for Public Sector Services

Realizing the increasingly complex challenges, a certain government institution have engaged Digiserve to provide Azure Stack hybrid cloud service solution with its various advantages.

This particular government institution required a cloud solution that is flexible and agile, especially to carry out their mission of digitization in financing the Small Medium Enterprises (SME). In its current function, this government institution is building a digital ecosystem to provide an alternative cashless disbursement method to finance the SMEs.

Before deciding to move to the cloud environment, the workload of this Government institution was running in a data centre server within their environment and was self-managed. However, this conventional environment proves to be challenging in providing agility to support productivity as well as ensuring data security.

Technology transformation through cloud solutions will enable them to increase scalability and computing power for big data and analytics capabilities. At the same time, cloud solutions ensure compliance and security, and going forward can improve the quality and efficiency of government agencies for better public services.

Digiserve Azure Stack solution with global technology from Microsoft can solve many of the significant challenges faced by Government agencies’ operations today. Hybrid cloud implementation via Azure Stack can power the best cloud innovation and implement it anytime and anywhere through a hybrid approach. Moreover, Digiserve Azure Stack data center that is located in Indonesia (hosted cloud) is in line with the main requirement to comply with Government Regulation No 71 (PP71)/2019 on data sovereignty.

Three Competitive Advantages of Digiserve Azure Stack

In regard to hybrid cloud services, Digiserve has 3 competitive advantages for the public service sector, especially government institutions, through its Azure Stack solution compared to other providers.

First, in today’s technological era, speed is the essence of decision making, including in the Government environment. With the support of Telkom, the largest state-owned telecommunications company in Indonesia, Digiserve Azure Stack is the only cloud solution with global technology that has access to empowering Telkom’s extensive network capabilities in Indonesia, thus enabling users to get services on the network for the cloud quickly without having to worry about latency and hassle in connectivity in case of network issues happen.

Second, certified from the security side with ISO 27001 based on Indonesian National Standards and obtain Microsoft Certified Local Support for Managed Service, the hybrid cloud solution from Digiserve Azure Stack can ensure data backup, retention, archiving, and recovery of sensitive data safely and data recovery criteria are met. 

Third, as a local company with global (glocal) capabilities, the Azure Stack solution from Digiserve allows government agencies to store some strategic applications or data in Indonesia and other data in a traditional non-virtual or public cloud environment without having to worry about the quality of cloud management. This certainly helps the government to meet compliance requirements for data sovereignty.

Advanced Solutions for the Government Institution

With these three advantages, Digiserve have provided the Azure Stack solution for this particular Government institution that can be summarized in these two following points:

First, provision of virtual machines in the cloud that will function as primary data centers. Development of Virtual Machines on Linux and Windows in a short time with a choice of programming languages, workloads, and operating systems. Besides the ability to support a variety of hosts, such as Linux, Windows servers, SQL servers, Oracle, IBM, and SAP, Virtual Machines also provide flexibility through visualization for a variety of computing solutions – development and testing, running applications, or extending data centers.

Second, cloud-based application development. An application development that has been made for faster performance on any platform or device. Provides performance with scalability and security that is much better in one platform to meet compliance needs.

Agility and Data Protection Digiserve Azure Stack solution has successfully empowered this Government institution to apply flexibility and agility through hybrid cloud innovation in its data management and workload, especially in strategic and critical functions, while still complying with the regulations on data protection and sovereignty. At the same time, our cloud solutions also provide this customer with the security and open many possibilities to manage IT costs more efficiently. (*)