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Digital Assets Becomes the Backbone of Retail Companies, Digiserve Penetration Test Services Ensure Cyber Security Vulnerability Prevention

Thu 25 February 2021, digiserve
Digital Assets Becomes the Backbone of Retail Companies, Telkomtelstra Penetration Test Services Ensure Cyber Security Vulnerability Prevention

Realizing the importance of cybersecurity for its digital assets, one of the largest local retail companies is reviewing the approach and effectiveness of prevention as well as checking vulnerabilities to cyber security threats on its website and applications with the penetration test service from Digiserve.

The disruption in the digital era is growing rapidly, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This condition has alerted organizations around the world to secure digital assets from cyber security attacks. Digital assets in the form of a company’s digital website and applications are one of the most important priorities because they are considered as the front gate to serve customers.

Changes in the business landscape in the digital era have given birth to e-commerce as one of the sectors with the highest growth. The shifting trend towards e-commerce based business has turn organizations and corporations to realize how valuable digital assets are. All of the company’s digital assets have a significant impact on retail sales, branding and the customer experience.

From a security point of view, digital assets such as web applications can become targets of a large number of possible security attacks such as: injection, broken authentication, sensitive data exposure, Cross-site scripting, and many more. It should be realized, cyberattacks can also be from outside or from insiders.

Introducing Our Clients Engaged in the Retail Sector

After previously launching a web application developed by a third-party vendor, a leading local retail company engaged Digiserve to conduct a cybersecurity assessment of its digital assets and components. The purpose is none other than to uncover cybersecurity vulnerabilities that may have been overlooked and have the potential to significantly hinder their business operations.

This customer is one of the leading local retail companies in Indonesia that focuses on medical, health and beauty products. The network of clinics and outlets has spread in various major cities throughout Indonesia.

Recognizing the importance of cybersecurity to its digital assets, companies usually want to review their approach and effectiveness of prevention as well as check vulnerabilities to cyber security threats on their websites and applications. This particular company has realized the need to carry out penetration tests as part of a security assessment for its digital assets.

Digiserve’s own penetration test service has been used and recognized by many companies for our ability to provide valuable insights in ensuring the security of all digital assets of the company and its networks.

Main Challenge

With a base of millions of customers spreading across Indonesia, this retail company must ensure that digital websites and applications are able to serve and ensure a smooth customer experience without problems. Just a little bit hampered, the company’s reputation and brand image are at stake.

Considering that it has just launched a web application developed by a third-party vendor, this retail company, a customer of Digiserve have decided to go through penetration testing to assess the level of security of the digital asset. Therefore, companies need trusted security services to identify vulnerabilities and provide guidance for security insights. Without a qualified security system, of course, their vision to create a digital experience that is attractive and has an impact on customers throughout their shopping portfolio will not be achieved.

Recognizing that e-commerce applications are quite complex and associated with multiple systems leading to more security system vulnerabilities, this customer is working with Digiserve, having the credibility and expertise to provide significant findings, while outlining clear improvements to enhance the company’s cybersecurity defence through services penetration test.

Best Solutions and Results

The cybersecurity penetration test was carried out by Digiserve in collaboration with the company’s internal team which included exploitation efforts of the company’s digital platform. This test will assess the responsiveness of internal and / or follow-up processes if vulnerabilities are detected. By systematic and comprehensive security penetration testing efforts, enterprise customers can have a detailed overview of existing vulnerabilities in their digital resources and assets that could attract potential attackers to expose security vulnerabilities or damage corporate networks.