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Cloud Defining the Workplace of the Future

Thu 01 August 2019, telkomtelstra

Indonesian Enterprises – Time to Act

The business landscape is changing. With increased competition and customer-centric markets, companies need to implement strategies to remain competitive and sustainable in future.

Against the backdrop of a business environment characterized by high levels of uncertainty and change, digital transformation is altering business models, customer expectations, and employee dynamics. While change is not a new concept, digital adoption is catalyzing the pace of transformation.
According to a Frost & Sullivan’s APAC (Asia – Pacific) end-user survey, 93% of APAC enterprises consider themselves to be early adopters of digital solutions, highlighting the focus on digital and technology investments to drive sustained business growth.

As Indonesian enterprises compete on a regional and global landscape, the focus on collaboration and productivity technologies is expected to be on the rise. Further, Indonesia is considered at the inflection point of digital adoption, especially given the maturing provider ecosystem. Cloud-adoption spends by enterprises is growing in double digits.

While the key cloud adoption drivers in Indonesia over the next 3 years include growth in online media consumption, backup, and disaster recovery purposes, and need from an infrastructure perspective, cloud-based applications will play a pivotal role in enabling Indonesia enterprises to become more competitive.

Given the significant value offered by the adoption of productivity solutions and maturing cloud ecosystems, cloud-based productivity solutions are expected to witness an increase in adoption in Indonesia. 

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