Industry Reports

Managing Networks in the Era of Digital Transformation

Thu 01 August 2019, telkomtelstra

Technology for network connectivity itself has grown and expanded rapidly over the years. One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise IT teams in terms of network connectivity is to meet the complexities of modern-day computing. New technologies, services, and applications have developed over time, that are significantly impacting the business in various ways. In order to boost productivity and business outcomes, the networks nowadays need technology in centralized IT infrastructure that drives key technical advantages such as increased bandwidth and guaranteed uptime, while being able to expand or change the network connections over multiple locations while at the same time able to increase the profit.

Nevertheless, managing connectivity for business networks is unique in many ways. While no one can deny that businesses these days live and die by their networks, it is also evident that keeping up-to-date and innovating can mean significant investments in resources and capital, with the need to keep track of a long list of vendors from Network Management & Maintenance to the Hosting Solutions. Obviously, the bigger and more remote your operations, the costlier it is to set up your network. And guaranteeing, through all this, that the connection will be up and be operating 24/7 is the biggest maintenance challenge of all. Your IT managers bear one of the most difficult tasks, in which they must be able to detect failures before they occur and reduce downtime as much as possible, regardless of the reasons.

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