Industry Reports

Data Sovereignty in the era of cloud computing

Thu 01 August 2019, telkomtelstra

Shifting paradigms in data management

The rapid proliferation of mobile phones, faster networks, and a broader spectrum of applications are further accelerating data generation and sharing. Research estimates indicate that there will be approximately 2.6 billion Internet users in Asia-Pacific by 2021, close to 62% of the regional population. According to Frost & Sullivan, Asia-Pacific organizations reported losses close to US$1.75 trillion in 2017 due to cyber attacks. In fact, dealing with security and privacy issues have become the second-most important task for IT departments at enterprises in Asia-Pacific.

Organizations and government agencies alike are struggling to strike a balance between maximizing the collection and analysis of data while ensuring security, privacy, and identity of their customers. Government regulations have thus come to the fore to enable a secure environment with greater privacy in the interconnected online world.

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