Komnas Perempuan Collaborates with telkomtelstra to Improve Support Against Violence on Women

Thu 01 August 2019, telkomtelstra
  1. Violence against women remains one of the saddest human rights challenges of today’s modern times. One of the initiatives to end this problematic problem is the empowerment of a special call center to help victims of female violence.
  2. For that, Komnas Perempuan is partnering with telkomtelstra to develop Cloud Contact Center to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the monitoring function of Komnas Perempuan in assisting women victims of violence.

JAKARTA, July 12, 2018 – The National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) is partnering with telkomtelstra to use cloud contact center technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of receiving complaints submitted to Komnas Perempuan by telephone. The collaboration between Komnas Perempuan and telkomtelstra is expected to increase the access of women victims to service institutions (partners of Komnas Perempuan).

Komnas Perempuan signed a principal agreement with telkomtelstra for the development of a cloud-based contact center dedicated to providing technological improvements to Komnas Perempuan’s telephone number. The initiative will also be supported by telkomtelstra’s parent company, PT Telkom and Telstra, and its partner for Cloud Contact Center, ipSCAPE.

The agreement was signed by the Chairman of Komnas Perempuan, Azriana R.Manalu and the President Director of telkomtelstra, Erik Meijer, at the Komnas Perempuan Office in Jakarta on Thursday the 12th of July 2018. “Our CSR initiative, which involves providing Komnas Perempuan with Cloud Contact Center technology, strives to significantly improve support given to women experiencing violence. The technology improvements in the Komnas Perempuan call center will not only support and monitor Indonesian victims more closely but will enable volunteers to handle incoming calls more effectively so that they can spend more time with victims to resolve problems and make more of a difference,” said Erik Meijer.

In more detail, a number of benefits of Cloud Contact Center technology at Komnas Perempuan phone number include: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center because of the availability of a number of new features. A number of new features that include: Caller-ID. Volunteers of Komnas Perempuan can easily track callers, store in data centers, reduce human error in writing numbers.

Other features are voice mail and voice recording to help victims who leave messages when faced with threats, so Komnas Perempuan can listen to recordings and call back at the most appropriate time. This system in the future will help Komnas Perempuan to provide more comprehensive data and information to be included in the report.

This technology can also support Komnas Perempuan in monitoring case progress. After Komnas Perempuan referred the victims of violence to the service agency, this system can assist Komnas Perempuan to monitor the progress of the case periodically by making a call from the database provided.

Of all the advantages of cloud contact center solutions, this technology can also increase Komnas Perempuan’s flexibility for future scale and minimize investment and cost for space, supporting infrastructure, electricity, security, and hardware.

Chairman of Komnas Perempuan Azriana stated that his side deeply appreciates telkomtelstra’s support which is very concerned with the role and function of Komnas Perempuan. “This cooperation is very important for us because the complaints of women victims of violence tend to increase, while we know the resources in Komnas Perempuan to respond to complaints is difficult to improve, this becomes a separate solution with the support of cloud technology from telkomtelstra,” he explained.

In addition, he added, things offered by telkomtelstra in accordance with the needs of Komnas Perempuan. “Some features such as tracking incoming calls, this is our requirement,” he said.

He explained cases of violence against women tend to increase every year. According to Komnas Perempuan’s Annual Record, in 2017 there were more than 348 thousand cases of violence against women. “The number of cases was based on the victim’s report. We are very concerned that the number continues to increase every year. So if the awareness of women who become victims of violence increases, then our response and the responsibility of the government should also be improved, “he said. (*)


The National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) is an Independent State Institution that functions as a National Human Rights Institution with a specific mandate of eliminating violence against women. Komnas Perempuan stood after the May 1998 Tragedy, through Keppres no 181/1998, which was reinforced through Presidential Regulation 65/2005.

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