Cloud Contact Centre Technology from telkomtelstra Enhances the Quality of Komnas Perempuan’s Response

Thu 01 August 2019, telkomtelstra

JAKARTA – The National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) partnered with Telkomtelstra and ipSCAPE to present cloud contact centre technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of receiving complaints and referral cases that entered Komnas Perempuan by telephone. The implementation of cloud contact centre technology is expected to increase access to Komnas Perempuan and also be able to improve the quality of responses to complaints and referrals.

The launch of the Komnas Perempuan cloud contact centre technology was held at the Komnas Perempuan headquarters through the signing by each of the respected representatives, Chairperson of Komnas Perempuan Azriana R. Manalu, Chief Financial Officer Telkomtelstra Ernest Hutagalung, and Chief Executive Officer ipSCAPE Fiona Boyd.

Azriana explained that the cloud contact centre technology implementation is aiming to facilitate the process of receiving complaints and comfort for gender based victims. “The existence of cloud contact centre technology can leverage our initiatives to prevent and handle cases of violence against women optimally, in which currently we still have challenges in technology area as well as limited volunteers” she said.

Moreover, she highlighted that report of violence against women to Komnas Perempuan are constantly increasing, with number of complaints has reach an average of 100 cases per month, including cyber-based violence. “Cloud contact centre device has given us the ability to record all of the complaints,” Azriana explained.

According to Azriana, cases of violence against women are like an iceberg phenomenon, which appears only the surface but has a significant effect. She pointed out that victims need enormous courage to report their violence cases. With cloud contact centre technology, victims can leave messages when facing threats, so Komnas Perempuan can listen to recordings and call back at the most appropriate time.

This cloud contact centre system can support Komnas Perempuan in monitoring the progress of cases. After Komnas Perempuan referred victims of violence to service institutions, this system could help Komnas Perempuan to monitor the progress of cases periodically by making calls from the database provided.

Ernest Hutagalung hopes that cloud contact centre technology can streamline the role of Komnas Perempuan in helping women victims of violence”. For Telkomtelstra, the issue of women is a very important issue. With technology company has been perceived as male dominant industry, telkomtelstra are proud to have 30% of female employees, “he said.

According to him, Telkomtelstra will continue to provide support any initiatives for woman protection, as well as other issues such as gender equity. “Actually, this is not only a problem of women, this is our problem together,” he explained. Not only in Indonesia, Fiona Boyd from ipSCAPE explained, cases of violence against women are a global issue. “In Australia, 1 in 5 women has experienced violence,” she said.

On the other hand, she continued, women also had not had enough opportunities to become top leaders in an institution, such as a corporate CEO. With the development of the times, technology plays a role to change these obstacles, so that there are no obstacles with technology, which are more needed are competencies and skills. (*)



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