Public Services Cannot Stop Amid Pandemic, Komnas Perempuan Optimizes Cloud Contact Centre Solution

Wed 22 July 2020, telkomtelstra
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JAKARTA, 22 JULY 2020 – Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Commission for Violence Against Women is able to maintain the successful operation for its public complaints’ services. This was done by optimizing Telkomtelstra’s Cloud Contact Centre technology solutions, in which all Komnas Perempuan call center volunteers and workers can make the transition from working in the office to working productively from home.

In accordance with recommendations regarding restrictions on social distance, Komnas Perempuan changed the way public services work during the pandemic, including call centers, to be carried out from home to ensure the health and safety of its workers. In a short time, the modern technology architecture of Telkomtelstra’s Cloud Contact Centre was able to make the seamless operational transition of Komnas Perempuan’s public services without any obstacles. This was a notable achievement after Telkomtelstra previously supported the migration and implementation of Komnas Perempuan’s call center services to the cloud environment for the past two years.

With the support of the Cloud Contact Centre technology solution from Telkomtelstra, Komnas Perempuan workers and volunteers can safely access and carry out the call center functions for public services on violence against women cases, including all complaints, monitoring and recording calls activities.

“It is remarkable that we can transition all workers and volunteer complaints units to work at home in a very short time,” said Dwi Ayu Kartika, Coordinator of the Komnas Perempuan Monitoring Division, in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/22). “Given that a number of complaints about violence against women still occur even in the midst of a pandemic, it is very important to ensure that the lines of communication remain open without interruption so that we can continue to provide services and information to women victims who need help and support,” Dwi Ayu added. Through Telkomtelstra Cloud Contact Centre solution that integrated with any device – personal computers or mobile devices, Komnas Perempuan workers and volunteers can still continue to perform their activity and provide support to public at home or other remote locations like they are in the office. At the same time, the Grievance Unit Coordinator can remotely monitor the status of public reporting for cases that occur and allocate available resources to address these complaints further.

“Providing services during the pandemic was difficult at first, but the Cloud technology solution allow us as a volunteers to running  the call services optimally with a Work-from-Home (WFH) scenario during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Winda Junita, Complaints Unit Coordinator for Referrals who oversees Komnas Perempuan volunteers.

Work-from-home arrangements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have been massively applied by organizations in many industries, where workers only need computers and a good internet connection. But for call centers, remote work initiatives have their own challenges, including the complexity of customer or public complaints, as well as the availability of appropriate technology and infrastructure to support the needs of workers and agents. Cloud Contact Centre is one of the important technology solutions in the call center in maintaining business continuity for work-from-home scenarios or flexible work management scenarios, as a form of physical distancing requirements to ensure health and safety.

Telkomtelstra Chief Customer Officer, Agus F. Abdillah, stated Telkomtelstra’s commitment to provide Cloud Contact Center services that able to ensure the optimal call center operations even in the midst of external disruptions. “We are pleased to be able to assist the National Commission on Violence Against Women in making the transition to a remote work system while still maintaining productivity in the midst of the pandemic disruption. When the organization prepares a Business Continuity Plan following the easing of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), we also work with our various customers to review workflows to ensure appropriate response can be implemented in their call center through the Cloud Contact Centre solution,” exclaimed Agus.

Agus also added that the Cloud Contact Centre solution from Telkomtelstra has multi-channel capability; Telephone, Web Chat, Email and SMS that can be integrated into Omni Channel for any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) related to number of digital customers touchpoints including various messaging applications and social media. This capability ensures that the customer journey will be monitored properly, even if the customer interacts with customer service from various platforms so that they get the best quality of service. Telkomtelstra has partnered with Komnas Perempuan for two years in providing Cloud Contact Center solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness in receiving complaints submitted. In addition to supporting and monitoring victims of violence more closely, this solution will enable call center workers and volunteers to handle incoming calls more effectively so they can spend more time with victims to solve problems and make more difference. (*)

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