Digital Security, Company’s Endeavor in Building Effective Customer Experience

Thu 17 June 2021, telkomtelstra

Jakarta, June 14th, 2021 – The threat of data leakage in the context of digital security in Indonesia has again become a public concern. Especially in recent times, allegations of digital data leaks have occurred in several companies and government institutions in the country.

According to the report by Check Point agency, Software Technologies Inc., Indonesia is currently in the third position for the most targeted country in digital security threats after the United States and India. The financial industry is the vulnerable sector to digital security threats.

Agus F. Abdillah, CCO Telkomtelstra

Agus F Abdillah, Chief Customer Officer of Telkomtelstra explained that in the digital world, security is a very important issue. Especially during this pandemic that have stuck around for more than a year now, thus making the adoption of digital technology grew rapidly, especially technologies that assistto how humans interact with each other.

“How can companies ensure data from customers are secured so that data leakage does not occur is very important because in the digital world, security is a very important issue. Especially for companies that are implementing digital transformation where, other than networks and application, security are important elements to factor in,” Agusfa explained.

He added that as a cloud service provider in Indonesia, Telkomtelstra, a joint venture company between PT Telkom Indonesia and Telstra Australia, presents a local cloud service located in Indonesia and can meet all aspects of the company’s needs, both reliability, scalability, and availability and of course a good security aspect.

Meanwhile, Hanny Winarti, Partnership Account Manager of Qiscus revealed the importance to create a good and secure customer experience in this pandemic situation because customer experience actually can increase revenue and competitiveness for the company.

“Communication is a new hope for the customer experience, therefore Qiscus is here to deliver that expectation in an integrated and secure way. Based on data from in 2020, mobile technology is the king, where 51.1% of traffic to websites comes from mobile phones and there are 171 million mobile internet users,” explained Hanny.

According to her, nowadays consumers want to access businesses anywhere and anytime, directly from their mobile phones. As constant connectivity has become a lifestyle, consumers manage every aspect of their daily communication from the mobile devices they use.

 “Qiscus is a conversation platform that helps businesses embrace the new expectations of excellent customer experiences, through the ability to engage in timely conversations at scale,” she said.

Hanny explained the mechanism for using Qiscus is when consumers chat, they will enter several messaging service platform channels such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Line and others. If there is a need to interact with a chatbot, the message from the consumer will be handled by the chatbot first in the multichannel chat.

“However, if the chatbot has received a more complex questions, it can also be forwarded to the live agent,” she explained.

M. Ryan Matrasiwi, Senior Cloud & UC Product Specialist Telkomtelstra explained that there are many people who enquire about companies security for customer communication data because the communication is confidential. If a data leak occurs, besides causing losses that impacts the company’s brand, the trust of customers can decrease, and subsequently the profits will decrease also.

Therefore, companies must create and maintain consumer trust in their products or services by implementing digital data security. One of the efforts that can be executed is to place enterprise applications on available cloud services.

“Of course, the cloud service must be able to meet the company’s needs, both in terms of reliability, scalability, availability and of course security as well,” he concluded.

About Telkomtelstra

Telkomtelstra is a joint venture between PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom Indonesia) which is the largest telecommunications company in Indonesia, with Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra) which is the leading telecommunications and information services company in Australia. Telkomtelstra provides a portfolio of leading technology products and solutions such as Managed Network Services, Managed Security Services, and Managed Cloud Services to help enhance digital transformation in Indonesia. Through an understanding of the local market as well as experience in providing world-class managed solutions services, Telkomtelstra has succeeded in supporting Indonesian companies to utilize managed solutions services in increasing business efficiency and productivity.

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