Telkom Group Supports Digiserve as Vehicle Digital Connectivity, Appointed as Single Gate Provider for SD-WAN Products

Thu 28 April 2022, digiserve

JAKARTA, 20th April 2022 – PT Digital Application Solusi or better known as Digiserve has agreed on product bundling and Manage Operation of SD-WAN Services with the Telkom Group. This strengthens Digiserve’s position as a Single Gate provider for SD-WAN products. This cooperation agreement was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parties.

Ahmad Hartono, President Director of Digiserve welcomes and very proud of the product bundling agreement and Manage Operation of SD-WAN services between Digiserve and Telkom Group. This cooperation agreement is a form of commitment from the Telkom Group to make Digiserve a vehicle for digital connectivity.

“The signing of this cooperation agreement is a form of commitment and full support from Telkom to Digiserve, especially as a Single Gate provider for SD-WAN products. This appointment is expected to spur us to be able to grow even better in achieving the targets that have been set while carrying out a business plan that has been entrusted to the company’s management,” said Hartono.

The cooperation agreement between Digiserve and Telkom Group was signed by Ahmad Hartono as the President Director of Digiserve, together with Abdi M. Ginting as Executive General Manager of the Digital Connectivity Service Division of the Telkom Group and Bambang Haryasena who served as Executive General Manager of the Service Operations Division of the Telkom Group.

The signing of the MoU between Digiserve and Telkom Group was held during the 2022 Digital Connectivity Product Summit, which carries the theme Unleashing Digital Connectivity Creating a Winning Product Innovation Strategy for Sustainable Growth. This annual event is a program of the Network & IT Solution Directorate of the Telkom Group and part of a series of preparations for the development of a digital connectivity product (Product Plan) with all CFU/DFU Telkom Group.

Software Define-Wide Area Networkor SD-WAN is a technological innovation that is able to increase customer effectiveness in operating corporate networks. SD-WAN enables customers to modernize and automate corporate networks by utilizing cloud network services using internet connectivity or IP VPN.

Based on Gartner’s research in 2022, the market share of SD-WAN managed services in 2023 is predicted to grow by USD 5.7 billion with a CAGR of 76.1 percent. Meanwhile, in terms of Telkom Group’s business strategy, SD-WAN is included in one of the strategic initiatives in CSS 2022-2024 with the theme Improve Profitability through Optimal Pricing with Better Quality of Service, one of which is through sales acceleration from digital connectivity such as SD-WAN.

The Telkom Group has been continuously developing SD-WAN services since 2019, then officially designated as a product with the name Managed SD-WAN Services in 2020. To date, Telkom’s Managed SD-WAN Services products have reached nearly 800 locations, which are spread both from CFU EBIS and CFU WIBS customers.

The Directorate of Network & IT Solution Telkom Group on March 4, 2022 issued a policy on business model for the Telkom Group SD-WAN service. The existence of this policy is expected to enable the Telkom Group to continue to optimize the infrastructure, products and or services of SD-WAN, which has been developed by Telkom and still fulfill strategic decisions related to structuring the SD-WAN business portfolio in the future.

Hartono stated that the rapid development of technology has driven the high demand and expectation for an SD-WAN service. So that to meet the specific needs of these customers, Digiserve is present as a solution, through the MNS SD-WAN product.

“Through the signing of the MoU between Digiserve and the Telkom Group, there are 2 models of cooperation that will be carried out, they are collaboration for SD-WAN product bundling between Telkom and Digiserve and managing operational activities for Telkom’s SD-WAN services. With this collaboration, it is expected that Digiserve and Telkom Group can continue to improve quality and capability in providing maximum SD-WAN services to customers,” Hartono concluded.

About Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia

PT Digital Application Solusi or Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia, is an Information Technology company engaged in ICT Managed Solutions. After being acquired by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) through TelkomMetra in 2021, Digiserve is increasingly supported in developing the best service with the belief to strengthen customer business in achieving better results. Digiserve will do this with its integrated Managed Solutions, leveraging its extensive network reach, world-class capabilities and local expertise.

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