Azure Stack Hub – Partner Solution

Sat 05 September 2020, telkomtelstra

To help Indonesian enterprises optimize and grow their business, Telkom Indonesia joined forces with Telstra, the regional leader in enterprise cloud services, to create Telkomtelstra.

We bring an unparalleled combination of local expertise and global managed solutions experience to the table, offering Indonesian enterprises the best of both worlds. Based on local market knowledge and built on world-class technology, we have crafted a range of hybrid cloud solutions catering specifically to Indonesian enterprises.

Whether organizations are completely new to cloud technology or some of their business is already running on cloud, we can help them take the next step. Together with our security, network, and connectivity offerings, our Azure Stack hybrid cloud solution, powered by Microsoft, allows businesses to adopt cloud at their own pace, while still benefiting from ultimate flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

This video is part of the Azure Stack Hub Partner Solution Series. The original video can be found here. For more Azure Stack Hub Solution Partner Series can be found in this blog.