Optimizing SD-WAN Security for Cloud-first Enterprises

Tue 13 October 2020, telkomtelstra

As a continuation of the previous SD-WAN webinar where we discussed the challenges of SD-WAN migration, in this next session, telkomtelstra is now collaborating with Check Point and VMware to share about how to Optimize SD-WAN Security for Cloud-first Enterprises.

SD-WAN delivers significant benefits but it’s those very benefits that can make it incredibly challenging to secure. SDWAN enables direct internet access from devices from anywhere in the network, however, this also means branch security solutions need to take SD-WAN into account alongside split-tunnel challenges created by running various services and remote users from branch resources. This creates complexity that needs to be simplified with an integrated security and network solution.

Experienced cybersecurity professionals are already under pressure and can struggle to develop a clear strategy to leverage existing security solutions to protect SD-WAN. Without strong security built-in to existing solutions, effective security can be overlooked. Even existing security solutions may not be sufficient to protect SD-WAN. They are unlikely to be sophisticated and wide-ranging enough to provide strong protection beyond encrypting traffic and detecting malware. Enterprises now need a solution that can intelligently and securely optimize branch office SD-WAN internet connections to the cloud, addressing these new network security challenges. We have invited our technology partner, Check Point and VMware, to join us in this webinar to share how their technology deliver a secure SD-WAN experience.