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Ovum Primer: The Digital Pulse-Putting Connection and Collaboration at The Heart Of Business

Sat 20 July 2019, telkomtelstra

The future hinges on combining talent and technology

Today, every company is a technology company, and every company is in a war for talent. However, the talent pool for technology skills is not keeping pace. As such, the need to couple innovation with collaboration and the right working environment will be critical for organisations to even be considered by the most talented workers. In the web-scale and socially enabled world, talented staff choose where they want to work. With access to information sources such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn, prospective employees will choose where they want to work based upon the culture and connectedness of the organisation, not just its location and benefits.

The digitally adaptive enterprise will need to:

  • promote creativity, productivity, and innovation, with workspaces and smart tools that are geared for these goals
  • find ways to foster the concept of the “living” brand
  • empower people to collaborate and work effectively across locations and devices
  • strive to continually improve.

One can overlay powerful processes such as digitisation, service automation, and performance management on to many of these functions, but if the right design, deployment, and integration strategies are not brought to bear, they are just empty words.

Admittedly, this set of requirements appears highly complex, amorphous, and difficult to deliver against. However, the key will be finding a way to quickly connect the dots in terms of technology and corporate culture in this rapidly evolving and expanding landscape. This will be a challenge, but what is becoming clear is that the core component in all of this is going to be the network – it will need to be flexible and agile enough to address the demands that are likely to be thrown its way. The network will be at the centre of the business’s ability to connect and collaborate with the key stakeholders, including talent, and the customer of the future.

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