Cloud Migration

Service Info

Digiserve’s Cloud Migration Services will help enterprise move the workloads using the best migration strategy; from any environment to cloud.

It will reduce migration errors and improve delivery timelines. Our experts will ensure your data and software is migrated seamlessly and safely to your new cloud environment. We ensure that everything is running smoothly before the legacy setup is decommissioned.

The service have four (4) complementary aspect:

  1. Viability Assessment;
  2. Migration Execution;
  3. Migration Handover;
  4. Project Management.

Deliverable Scope

  • Provide initial engagement plan as time frame agreed;
  • Assign our cloud engineers;
  • Viability assessment to confirm compatibility of the target cloud service;
  • Migration execution:
    • Cutover plan is agreed with the customer and the migration process initiated
    • Once completed, post cutover testing is performed
  • Migration handover:
    • Customer acceptance obtained
    • Source platform can be decommissioned by customer

Pre-requisites before cutover

  1. Identify any dependency:
  2. Agree on migration timeline;
  3. Detailed migration design including (where applicable):
    • Infrastructure re-engineering detailed design;
    • Workload migration design where required;
    • Migration run-sheet;
    • Rollback process design;
    • Quality assurance document;
    • Handover

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