Cloud Migration Design

Service Info

Digiserve’s Cloud Migration Design service will help you design and plan the migration of your workload into the new cloud environment, infrastructure and platform, from your on-premise platform or private/public cloud.

The service will determine a solid plan for the tools you’ll need during migration, and:

  • Identify which data needs to be migrated and when,
  • If the data needs any scrubbing,
  • The kind of destination volumes to use, and,
  • Whether you’ll need encryption of the data both at rest and in transit.

Deliverable Scope

  • Provide initial engagement plan as time frame agreed;
  • Assign our cloud consultants;
  • Interview nominate key stakeholders;
  • Discussions and drive participation in workshops;
  • Construct a project plan which details the time and duration of each migration phase;
  • Execute each planning and design phase, excluding data migration;
  • Presentation of the design and migration plans


  • Resource planning
  • Migration plan and timeline
  • High-level migration design
  • QA process
  • Rollback plan

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