Digital Transformation is All About Bringing Value to our Customers

Fri 04 September 2020, telkomtelstra

“We need Managed IT Services that add value to our business.” It’s one of the most common responses we get when asking a potential customer why they’re looking for a new technology provider or service.

We understand that Indonesian enterprises are now under mounting pressure to become more digital businesses. According to IDC, in 2023, more than 50% of all investment in information and communication technology (ICT) will go towards digital transformation and innovation, up from 27% in 2018. And those who don’t move forward digitally will indeed be left behind.

Unfortunately, not all businesses are equally equipped to manage their ever-growing technology needs. Over the years, IT systems have progressively become more complex due to the fast pace of new technologies and innovations emerging, which quickly become new standards and result in rapid shifts in customer expectations. Enterprises may have minimal IT resources or limited available in-house skillsets to oversee this, meaning they can quickly fall behind and place the company’s systems at risk of massive downtimes, security attacks, or becoming unable to cater for the wants and needs of their customers.

As a joint venture of two technology giants – Telkom Indonesia and Telstra Australia – Telkomtelstra is uniquely positioned to support companies in Indonesia that are driving toward technology relevance and excellence. For more than five years, we have been helping hundreds of enterprise customers to navigate their technology needs, connect more seamlessly, improve their customer experience, and work better.

Being a part of our customers’ successful business outcomes is something we take quite seriously. It requires us to think differently about how we can unlock each of our customers’ business value. We incorporate our core services with customer excellence to view customer challenges from multiple angles and provide the best services to leverage their technology ability.

At its core, Telkomtelstra offers a wide range of solutions that support enterprises to build, evolve and unleash the full capacity of their digital capabilities continuously. We are equipped with advanced network solutions, security capabilities, cloud, and various software solutions as services that can be accessed by our customers without having to manage the systems themselves. This frees up our customers’ talented resources to focus on their core business and their own product and service innovations. Our tailor-made IT planning, implementation, and managed services allow our customers to reap the benefits of the latest technology solutions while at the same time freeing up their own IT staff to allocate their efforts towards more strategic initiatives.

At its heart, our customer excellence focuses on Customer Relationship Management and continuous support to our customers’ overall business strategy. Our proactive approach allows us to prevent significant disruptions by continually monitoring and analysing customer IT infrastructure and proactively managing any issues before they start affecting the end-users.

Telkomtelstra has the utmost commitment to help our customers unleash the true potential of their business. We always strive to help our customers optimize, grow, and digitally transform their business through world-class managed technology solutions and expert implementations that enable them to go further, faster. We believe that, through our customers, we have the power to empower digital transformation in Indonesia. 

Happy National Customer Day 2020!