Indonesia Global Delivery Center: A Telkomtelstra Service to Support Indonesia’s HR Potential in the International Sphere

Fri 20 August 2021, telkomtelstra

Author: Erik Meijer

Indonesia is a country with enormous digital potential. According to the Digital 2021 report from We Are Social, with its population of 274.9 million, Indonesia has 202.6 million internet users, or 73.7% of the total population, 345.3 million cellular device connection users, or 125.6% of the total population, and 170 million active social media users, making up 61.8% of the total population.

This makes Indonesia both a potential market and resource provider for the digital industry, encouraging companies to offer a variety of reliable digital and telecommunication services.

There have been many developments in the quality of Indonesia’s resources over its 76 years of independence. For example, Indonesia has been able to contribute to the global economy through professional services that are recognized by companies in various parts of the world.

One of these services is the Indonesia Global Delivery Center (IGDC) as part of Telkomtelstra. The IGDC was initiated by the two Telkomtelstra shareholders in 2018, as an initiative to encourage business penetration in meeting global market needs for information technology services by developing the information technology sector workforce.

Service Benefits

The IGDC aims to replace services provided by third-parties outside of the country where the organization operates, to provide high-quality resources at commercially competitive prices. The IGDC provides the opportunity for the best talents in Indonesia to enter the global marketplace, thus enabling customer organizations to operate using domestic resources without excessive costs.

In addition, the IGDC also improves the customer experience, productivity, and quality of results. It is also able to maintain intellectual property rights while exercising greater control over how work is conducted, and contribute to profits.

The IGDC is Telkomtelstra’s initiative to provide professional services in the global market by developing IT services and the workforce. The IGDC is devoted to serving overseas customers using remote work systems. The service also has not been affected at all by the COVID-19 pandemic and work from home (WFH) policies, as all services and businesses have operated remotely from the outset.

Services and Human Resources

The IGDC is a trusted partner of several global companies in various parts of the world in providing services to customers wherever they may be.

They have provided various services, including Customer Solutions Support consisting of Service Solution Architects and 3rd Party Managers; Project Delivery Support consisting of Project Managers, PMO, and Business Analysts; Business Operations Support consisting of Sales Support Analysts, Operation Support Analysts, Insight Analysts, Help Desk, and Customer Network Operations; and Technical Services consisting of Test Engineers, Accredited Device & Network Engineers, and Developers.

Human resources from Telkomtelstra’s IGDC have been involved in numerous large projects around the globe, proving that ICT talents from Telkomtelstra and Indonesia, in general, have been internationally-recognized and can compete globally.

What is it like working globally from Indonesia using the IGDC? Let’s have a look at the experiences of several IGDC employees during their time with the company. As stated by Diana Khairinawati an IGDC Business Analyst, “Being part of the IGDC has been a great opportunity for me to gain global exposure, by being involved in a project team with members from various countries, while physically remaining in Indonesia.”

She acknowledged that since joining the IGDC and working with an international team she has learned how to work effectively and efficiently, particularly in solving problems through discussions and meetings. “The experience has been extremely valuable to me in honing my skills and gaining insights by working with an international team,” she concluded.

Similar to Diana, Ghani Patriadi, an IGDC project manager, stated that by working at the IGDC he gained unique and unforgettable experiences. “I can manage projects outside Indonesia, which is a cool experience for me. It’s a uniquely cool experience. I can meet customers and team members from different backgrounds and different countries. And, of course, I can improve my English by working here in the IGDC team,” Ghani stated.

The same is true for Luthfi Gunawan, the IGDC’s Operations Lead. Luthfi stated that from the beginning he had faith and big dreams that Indonesian talent could be part of global collaboration in the digital world.

With his passion and dream, Luthfi pushed himself to join the IGDC and to date has been successful in leading the team. “Nowadays with the IGDC, we have proven it. We bring the best talents with global standards to support our customers’ projects and businesses. And in the end, we hope to be able to contribute to Indonesia,” stated Luthfi.

Telkomtelstra has approximately 200 employees from various technical and business disciplines, and through our talent partners we have access to a growing talent pool of new graduates and experienced professions through both our professional services and the Indonesia Global Delivery Center.

In addition, Telkomtelstra has professional talents to support its managed services that are available in countries, regions, and remote locations anywhere in the world.

Awards Received

The IGDC has received enormous international recognition from its customers. With a contract renewal rate of 99%, the large majority of customers feel extremely happy and benefit from the services provided by the IGDC. In addition, customers are always eager to renew their contracts and develop together with the IGDC by requesting additional resources to become part of their teams.

The IGDC has earned a total of 37 outstanding recognitions across all services, including awards for outstanding support in customers’ projects, recognition for winning customers strategic opportunities, and developing platform tools to automate and simplify customers’ sales and operations. Acknowledgment from the IGDC’s global customers includes appreciation for the IGDC team’s commitment to always providing the highest quality services in various projects from a range of industrial sectors.

The IGDC Recruitment Process

In the process of recruiting IGDC talents, Telkomtelstra always conducts background checks tailored to the company’s specific needs. There are several stages of recruitment, including:

  1. REQUEST FOR POSITION(S): Receiving requests for position(s) in accordance with business requirements.
  2. SOURCING STRATEGY: Identifying the best sourcing to support the candidate delivery. For example, job opening announcements on company websites and social media, and engaging recruitment agencies, if necessary.
  3. SCREENING AND INTERVIEW: Receiving and reviewing candidate resumes. If shortlisted, the best candidates will be invited for an interview with IGDC managers and the customer.
  4. OFFERING & ONBOARDING PROCESS: The selected and most qualified candidate will go through strict background checks, and will be provided an offer and timeline. Upon signing the agreement, the new employee will be equipped with the necessary tools, for example, a laptop and telecommunication devices.
  5. INDUCTION: Introducing the new employee to the workplace, team members, and business activities. Ensuring that s/he is ready for the designated position.

Currently, the IGDC has several opportunities for Indonesian talents to join our team as an IGDC Automation and Performance Testing EngineerIGDC Project Coordinator, and IGDC Project Manager. For further information regarding candidate qualifications, please visit Telkomtelstra’s website at

Telkomtelstra and IGDC

Telkomtelstra is a joint venture between PT Telkom Indonesia and Telstra. Leveraging the strengths of both Telkom Indonesia and Telstra, Telkomtelstra can deliver an unrivaled combination of deep local market expertise and global managed solutions experience to manage large companies from various industries, with the support of approximately 200 employees with over 220 world-class certifications.

Telkomtelstra offers a variety of products to assist customers, including Managed Network Services, Managed Security Services, Managed Cloud Services, Unified Communication, and Professional Services, with infrastructure support from, for example, Telkom Indonesia, telkomsigma, Telin, Telstra, and other providers.

With all of the professional services that the IGDC provides, we promise to help our customers to grow and develop in unison. This is possible as the assigned resources also provide consultation services to increase the customer organization’s productivity through active involvement as part of the customer organization. This process is conducted responsibly to trigger continuous improvement in each aspect of the work carried out. We are very open to further discussion if your organization requires professionals to help you develop and boost your business potential. Please contact us via email at if your company is interested in growing and developing using our professional services.