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Effectiveness of Cloud Contact Center in Komnas Perempuan’s Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mon 10 May 2021, digiserve

Cloud Contact Center Digiserve is aimed to maximize the public services of the National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) by providing operational transitions securely and without obstacles. Workers can access and carry out functions and call center systems to receive public complaint of violence against women cases, including monitoring, and recording calls from the whistleblower’s house securely and without obstacles.

The Covid-19 pandemic forces Komnas Perempuan to work quickly and dynamically to ensure that communication lines remain open without interruption. Thus, Komnas Perempuan can continue to provide services and information to the victim who needs assistance and support.

Prior to the pandemic, the violence complaint that Komnas Perempuan received had limitations because there was only one service number and operated by one operator in the office.

If they cannot connect to the available telephone number, usually the whistleblower will go directly to the Komnas Perempuan office at Jalan Latuharhary No.4B, RT.1 / RW.4, Menteng, Menteng District, Central Jakarta.

In addition, the whistleblower can also provide a report on the incident that happened by filling out the Google Form. However, the whistleblower at times was not able to fill in the forms completely, making it difficult for Komnas Perempuan to follow up on the report.

In fact, two-way communication is the basis for Komnas Perempuan in providing optimal public services to serve public complaints. Therefore, digital transformation is the main key for Komnas Perempuan to innovate in providing excellent service for people who want to make complaints and report.

Komnas Perempuan then innovated to provide excellent service, by optimizing Digiserve’s Cloud Contact Center technology. Komnas Perempuan was then able to carry out digital transformation with operational transitions quickly, securely, and without obstacles.

Cloud Contact Center technology solutions enable volunteers to continue to run call center services optimally with a work-from-home scenario during the Covid-19 pandemic. With modern technology, all of Komnas Perempuan call center workers and volunteers can make the transition from working in the office to working remotely from their homes but still productive.

With the support of Digiserve’s Cloud Contact Center technology architecture, Komnas Perempuan’s workers and volunteers can securely access and carry out the functions and call center systems. This call center is useful for receiving public complaints about violence against women cases, including monitoring and recording calls from the whistleblower’s house securely and without obstacles.

Cloud Contact Center allows Komnas Perempuan call center workers and volunteers to receive complaints, which previously was only capable of handling only one whistleblower for one complaint recipient, now they can receive several reports simultaneously / parallel and can be done outside the Komnas Perempuan office.

This is because the Cloud Contact Center has integrated with computers and mobile devices, so that Komnas Perempuan workers and volunteers can carry out functions in the monitoring unit. In addition, Komnas Perempuan can also provide support to the whistleblower from home or other remote locations as is they are in the office.

The Cloud Contact Center solution from Digiserve has multi-channel capabilities, via telephone, web chat, e-mail, and SMS also can be integrated into an omni-channel on one screen with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which covers a number of digital activities from consumers including various messaging and social media applications.

This capability ensures that the customer journey can be monitored properly, even though the customer interacts with customer service through various platforms to get the best service quality.

This system maximizes public complaints about violence against women cases. Including all complaints, monitoring, and calls recording from the whistleblower’s house securely and without problems.

Based on data from Komnas Perempuan, the level of complaints has increased in recent years. In 2018 there were 1,234 cases complained and this number has increased drastically by 60 percent, from 1,413 cases in 2019 to 2,389 cases in 2020.

The results of Komnas Perempuan’s internal evaluation show that service implementation using the Cloud Contact Center is more optimal than the manual system. One of the benefits on the Cloud Contact Center transformation is the Complaints Unit Coordinator for Referral in a remote position can monitor the status of public complaint for cases that occur and allocate available resources to further address this complaint.

Best Result

In the effectiveness test, Digiserve provides four test points consisting of Create, Collaborate, Proactive communication and Connect.

From these four points, Digiserve team can identify the effectiveness of the Cloud Contact Center at Komnas Perempuan. As a result, all of these points were fulfilled in the context of Komnas Perempuan that transformative and innovative. Through this test, Digiserve has proven successful in making customers satisfied while using the Cloud Contact Center.