Digiserve Wins TOP GRC Awards 2022, Proof of Commitment and Consistency in the Implementation of Governance, Risk and Compliance in Business Operations

Tue 13 September 2022, telkomtelstra

JAKARTA, 08 September 2022 – PT Digital Aplikasi Solusi or better known as Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia managed to record a proud achievement by successfully winning two prestigious awards in the TOP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Awards 2022 with the theme “GRC Empowerment in Digital Era and Its Support to G20 Indonesia Presidency”.

Two awards won by Digiserve this year are TOP GRC 2022 #4 Stars or won Four Stars in the category of Very Good for the Company. In addition, Digiserve also won another award, that is The Most Committed GRC Leader 2022 for Ahmad Hartono, President Director of Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia.

Ahmad Hartono, President Director of Digiserve conveyed that the awards obtained prove the Company’s commitment and consistency in implementing GRC, especially to achieve the company’s best business performance in a sustainable manner based on good corporate governance.

“We are very grateful that Digiserve has successfully won two awards at the 2022 TOP GRC Awards. This is a proud achievement. Thank you to all Digi-Troops who have really taken care of the Governance, Risk and Compliance aspects of the company. Keep the spirit so that we can move forward together,” said Hartono.

The success of Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia in winning both awards was determined by the judging interview process that involved 1,000 companies in Indonesia, consisting of BUMN, BUMD, companies in the capital market, national or multinational private companies. The assessment focuses on the performance of the implementation of GCG, risk management and compliance related to the achievement of the company’s business goals and performance.

The assessment is carried out objectively and independently from certified judges who have signed a statement of the code of ethics of the jury, so that they have the capability and credibility as well as independence in conducting the GRC assessment of all participants.

There are three aspects that become priority assessments, namely the implementation of systems, infrastructure and implementation of Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Management in the Company. The assessment process takes place from April 25 to August 14, 2022.

These three aspects have indeed been carried out by Digiserve management led by President Director Ahmad Hartono, especially since PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) acquired Telstra’s ownership through TelkomMetra in 2021. Digiserve is increasingly supported in developing the best service with the belief to strengthen customer business in achieving good results. better.

On the other hand, after Digiserve joined the Telkom Indonesia Group, so that it became part of the BUMN, the management immediately adopted AKHLAK as a corporate culture. The positive values ​​that exist in Digiserve, as an old culture, Hartono make it as a behavioral guide that is adopted to strengthen the corporate culture of AKHLAK. Not only that, the company’s management also implements Good Corporate Governance, which is a benchmark for the compliance of state-owned companies.

Currently, Digiserve has 150 talents with 220 international certificates. That is, there are talents who have more than 1 international certificate, are multitasking and can manage work with different functions. Then there are more than 200 customers, 400 projects with more than 12,000 managed sites. Digiserve has also achieved ISO 20000 for IT systems management and ISO 27001 for data security management systems.

Awards for Good Performing Companies

As is known, the TOP GRC Awards is an annual event for the highest GRC assessment and awarding in Indonesia. This award is given to companies that are considered to have good performance, and have implemented GRC in an effective and integrated manner in business management. The award category classification is based on the achievement of the Star level (Stars). From 1 Star (the lowest) to 5 Star (the highest).

The 2022 TOP GRC Awards are organized by TopBusiness Magazine in collaboration with the Indonesian GRC Association, IRMAPA (Indonesia Risk Management Professional Association), ICoPI (Indonesian Institute Compliance Professional), and PaGi (Indonesian Governance Professional Association), and are supported by several other institutions.

The Chairman of the Jury for the 2022 Top GRC Awards, Antonius Alijoyo, explained that the TOP GRC Awards 2022 activities have an important meaning to encourage companies in Indonesia so that their business performance can continue to grow in a sustainable manner. This is based on the effective and integrated application of the principles of Good Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Management.

“With the more effective implementation of the GRC, the business performance of companies in Indonesia will remain safe and grow well, so that the trust of the public and investors, both from within and outside the country, will be maintained and even increase,” said Antonius.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the 2022 TOP GRC Awards, Muhammad Lutfi Handayani said, the awarding of the TOP GRC Awards is a form of providing added value for all winning companies as well as a forum for providing suggestions and input in improving the implementation of GRC in the future.

“TOP GRC Awards 2022 is not just an award event, but also a learning tool for all of us involved in improving the implementation of GRC in commercial activities in Indonesia,” concluded Lutfi.

About Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia

PT Digital Application Solusi or Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia, is an Information Technology company engaged in ICT Managed Solutions. After being acquired by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) through TelkomMetra in 2021, Digiserve is increasingly supported in developing the best service with the belief to strengthen customer business in achieving better results. Digiserve will do this with its integrated Managed Solutions, leveraging its extensive network reach, world-class capabilities and local expertise.

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